Revell Of Germany B-17G Flying Fortress

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Revell Of Germany B-17G Flying Fortress Description

Product description Thirteen .50 caliber machine guns positioned around this heavy bomber model plane kit demonstrate why the B-17G was referred to as the Flying Fortress. Under the plane, modelers are given the option of assembling the landing gear up or down and the bomb bay doors opened or closed. If left open, admirers of the B-17 model kit will be able to see the full bomb bay with racks and four bombs ready to drop on enemy forces. Intake ducts, elevator, and rudder are all separate from the rest of the wing and fuselage moldings, which gives the plane a more realistic appearance when completed. From the Manufacturer Developed in the 1930s for the United States Army Air Corps, the four-engine B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber was often equipped with up to 13 .50-caliber machine guns at once. Distinguishing features of the ‘G’ variant – the final version – included a Bendix remotely-operated chin turret and revised, remotely-operated tail gun turrets. An estimated 8,680 ‘G’ aircraft were produced and many were converted for other uses, including troop transports and recon aircraft.

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